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About LightHouse

The legal needs of organizations are increasingly moving away from the traditional law firm model: rigid, hierarchical and with a distance between the client and his lawyer. We believe a better service is possible.

We seek to modernize legal services in Costa Rica, integrating the application of technology and services automation, while providing our clients with the best solutions.

Our Story

The friendship of our founding partners began at Law School, in the University of Costa Rica. At that time, they had their first work experiences as assistants.

Upon graduation, all three worked in several firms, with different sizes and approaches. But their experiences had one thing in common: they didn't like the way they interacted with customers.

Seeking to create a better workspace, where clients receive personalized legal attention, LightHouse was born.

Classic Paradigm

LightHouse Paradigm


Establish a healthy relationship with LightHouse clients, so that both businesses can benefit from an active dialogue and solid, validated and innovative legal solutions.


Positively impact the legal ecosystem in Costa Rica to promote a better professional practice from the client's perspective.

Our Values

Be the (legal) change we want to see in the world.

All our work adheres to the regulations and public structure.

We know that the impact of our work goes beyond legal support.

We are focus on the preventive exercise of our profession.

We understand the context well enough to know what is possible.

We charge a fair price for our work, we do not overcharge.

Find alternatives for our allies' needs.

The client is aware of what is happening in each part of the process.

We prefer to tell the truth as a basis for dialogue.